Monday June 24, 2019

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Algerian Air Force transport crash kills dozens

A military transport plane has crashed in eastern Algeria on Tuesday, killing 77 people, Ennahar TV said, citing apparently "informed sources".

The C-130 Hercules was carrying 78 passengers - soldiers and their families. There was one survivor.

Initial reports suggested there had been 103 on board the aircraft, with no survivors.

Witnesses in the area say it clipped a mountain and then crashed.

It is believed the aircraft had departed Tamanrasset and landed in Ouargla, before continuing towards Constantine.

Algerian News channels are reporting that the aircraft lost contact with air traffic controllers, and speculating that the aircraft came down in poor weather conditions.

The National Gendarmerie have setup a corden around the crash site, an operation to recover survivors is under way.

The Algerian Air Force also operate Airbus A340's, Ilyushin Il-76 and C-130 Hercules aircraft.

They acquired 18 of the C-130 Hercules type. Two were lost in previous accidents; one in 2003 during a routine training exercise and another during a landing mishap at Le Bourget in 2010.

The 1330 UTC weather at Constantine was;
METAR: DABC 111330Z 33017KT 6000 -RA FEW010 FEW023CB BKN026 06/03 Q1015
long-TAF: DABC 111100Z 1112/1212 31015KT 8000 SCT020 SCT033 TEMPO 1112/1118 30015G25KT 6000 -TSRA FEW023CB BKN026 BECMG 1120/1122 20008KT TEMPO 1200/1212 5000 -RA BKN023

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