Monday June 24, 2019

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German Citation crash kills four

Four people are presumed to have died after a Cessna Citation jet crashed near an airfield in Germany.

The aircraft had earlier departed Shoreham airport in the UK, destined for Trier-Fohren airfield in Germany.

The aircraft was believed to have been carrying a standard crew complement of two pilots, and two passengers. All of those on board were of Germany nationality.

It is believed to be N452TS, a privately owned 1981 Cessna Citation 501 that had earlier departed Shoreham Airport at 09:54 UTC and destined for Trier in Germany.

The German air accident investigation unit, the BFU confirmed to AV8 they were dispatching a team to the scene.

It is to early to speculate on the cause of the accident, but it is believed the aircraft struck an electricity pylon before crash landing and become ablaze.

The UK Foreign Office confirmed; "We are aware of the reports and are urgently looking into them."


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