Monday June 24, 2019

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Mozambique Airlines Embraer 190 has crashed killing 33

A Mozambique Airlines (LAM) Embraer 190-100 has crashed killing all on board.

The alarm was raised after flight TM470 failed to arrive at the Angolan capital, Luanda at 12:10UTC. It had earlier departed Mozambique's capital, Maputo at 09:26UTC.

In a statement, the airline said there were signs it may have 'landed' near Rundo, northern Namibia, bordering Angola and Botswana.

Shortly after, the wreckage was found completely destroyed by fire. There were no survivors.

In total, 33 people were on board the aircraft, mostly of Mozambican or Angolan nationality, but there were also Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese and French on board.

The last contact ATC had with the aircraft was when it was over northern Namibia. The wreckage was located approximately halfway along the route.

It is believed there was a period of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms at the time of the accident. The aircraft had been cruising at 38,000ft when it started a rapid descent of approx 6,000ft/min. A normal descent would be in the order of 2,000-3,000ft/min.

The flight crew were reasonably experienced, the Captain had logged over 9,000 hours, although only 1,395 were in command. The First Officer had considerably less, 1,418 total flight hours and only 108 on the Embraer.

The aircraft, production number 581 and delivered by Embraer to LAM in November 2012, was registered as C9-EMC by the Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority.

According to the airline, the aircraft had during the past 12 months flown just over 2.900 hours with just under 1.900 flight cycles. The jet was powered by two General Electric CF34-10E engines which are widely used on this regional aircraft type.

The Embraer Ejet Series is a hugely popular aircraft in the regional jet market. Designed in the late 90's, it entered production in 2003. There are just over 900 aircraft from the series in active service today.

This is only the second fatal accident of the aircraft type, the previous on 24 August 2010, Henan Airlines Flight 8387, an Embraer E-190 that departed from Harbin, People's Republic of China, crash landed about 1 km short of the runway at Yichun Lindu Airport, resulting in 42 deaths

It was the first fatal accident for the airline since 1970, and the deadliest for Mozambique since the Mozambican presidential Tupolev Tu-134A-3 aircraft carrying President Samora Machel crashed in 1986.

The investigation is being led by a team from the Namimbian Authorities, but with assistance from Civil Aviation Authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil and the US National Transportation Safety Board.

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