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Wednesday May 22, 2019

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UK Voyager incident a result of human factors

An interim report by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has revealed the February 9th, 2014 incident of UK Voyager aircraft was the result of 'Human Factors' and not a technical failure.

The report details evidence that a Digital SLR camera became wedged between the Captains arm-rest and side-stick.

When the seat was moved, this resulted in a "sustained fully forward pitch-down command".

The incident involving Voyager ZZ333 occurred on 9 February 2014 when the aircraft suddenly pitched nose down while in the cruise at Flight Level (FL) 330 (33,000 ft).

Within 27 seconds, the aircraft lost 4,440 ft in height, before the self-protection system initiated a recovery back towards controlled flight.

The aircraft diverted to Incirlik Airbase in Turkey.

The resulting negative g forces were sufficient for almost all of the unrestrained passengers and crew to be thrown towards the ceiling, resulting in a number of minor injuries.

A team from the Military Air Accident Investigation Branch deployed to Incirlik on 11 February 2014 and DG MAA elected to convene a Service Inquiry on 12 February.

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