Wednesday May 22, 2019

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UK Voyager incident a result of human factors

An interim report by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has revealed the February 9th, 2014 incident of UK Voyager aircraft was the result of 'Human Factors' and not a technical failure.

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AirTanker confirm incident with Voyager MRTT and grounds fleet

AirTanker, and the UK's MOD have today confirmed an incident involving one the RAF's newest aircraft; the Airbus Voyager MRTT. The fleet has been grounded pending investigation.

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BAE & UK's MOD unveil home grown UAV

The most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers made its maiden flight at an undisclosed test range on Saturday 10 August 2013 under the command of BAE Systems test pilot Bob Fraser.

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Boeing Business Jets delivers first two BBJ 787-8s

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) celebrated the first two BBJ 787-8 deliveries of 2014. The deliveries, made over the past week to separate undisclosed customers, mark the second and third BBJ 787 airplanes delivered to date.

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Airbus A350 completes cold weather trials

Airbus’ A350 XWB MSN3 development aircraft, along with a team of 48 Airbus specialists has completed cold weather trials at Iqaluit, Canada.

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Tour the Emirates A380 streetview style

Have you ever wanted to take a stroll inside the the A380? Google Maps and Emirates have combined forces to allow a virtual tour of the Worlds Biggest airliner.

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Boeing accelerates 787 production

Boeing has rolled out the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner built at the rate of 10 airplanes per month, the fastest rate ever for a twin-aisle aircraft. The airplane, a 787-8 and the 155th Dreamliner built, will be delivered to International Lease Finance Corp. for operation by Aeromexico.

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SaudiGulf orders 16 Bombardier CSeries CS300, another 10 options

The UAE's latest start-up SaudiGulf Airlines has ordered 16 Bombardier CSeries CS300 airliners, with another 10 options, during the Bahrain air show.

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Airbus A350 wing passes ultimate-load test

Airbus successfully performed the ultimate load test of the A350 XWB’s wing in December 2013, applying loads up to 1.5 times higher than those the aircraft would ever encounter in its entire in-service life. At ultimate load, the A350 XWB wingtip deflection exceeds five metres.

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